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Fitness for Life!

Staying active, with the help of regular fitness classes, can greatly improve your quality of life. Oak Bay Fitness offers a variety of class experienceson a pay-per-session basisto support your health and fitness goals. Enjoy the workout of your choice in a group environmentwith classes offered seven days a week.


Choose from Functional Fit, Spin, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Boxing, Strength, and Barreless. Check out 'Our Classes' for a description of each offering, and select 'Book a Class' to schedule your workout. New to the studio? Sign up for an online account and automatically receive one free class!


Oak Bay Fitness wants to provide you with an outstanding and coach-guided workout experience. Come for a sweat and stay for the community.

Oak Bay Fitness

Our Classes

  • Learn More Boxer's Conditioning

    Boxer's Conditioning

    You will receive a high level of cardio, muscle strength, agility training. Expect shadow boxing, battle ropes, and non-contact boxing techniques. As advised, we are limiting person-to-person contact. Though gloves are not required, if you would like to bring your own gloves you can!

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  • Learn More Mat Pilates

    Mat Pilates

    Mat Pilates stretches and strengthens the body. Our coaches will guide you in engaging your core, improve flexibility, and increase energy through proper technique. Pilates is a low impact activity and is suitable for all fitness levels.

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  • Learn More Functional Fit

    Functional Fit

    Our conditioning class emphasizes constantly-varied, high-intensity functional movement. Work cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy, maximizing your performance and fitness for any physical challenge or activity.

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  • Learn More Spin


    Spin is low impact, high energy, and adaptable for all fitness levels. Spin blends cardiovascular training with muscular conditioning. Over the course of a 50-minute class, you’ll climb heavy hills, sprint down flat roads, and navigate over mixed terrain to an inspiring soundtrack. To read about our fusion classes, click learn more above.

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  • Learn More Yoga


    Our Yoga classes are meant for all levels. Focus on “learning” proper posture, form and alignment while still progressively increasingly flexibility, strength and balance.

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  • Learn More ReBarre


    Barre was created using a combination of pilates, yoga, fitness and ballet inspired movements.
    Come get a workout focused on balance, core stability, full body toning and fun all while moving to the beat of the music.

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  • Learn More Strength


    Mat-Based strengthening and conditioning with the use of free weights, resistance bands, and barbells

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  • Learn More Ride + Row

    Ride + Row

    Spin for the beginning 20 minutes, then alternate between rowing intervals and mat-based strength exercises.

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  • Learn More Spin & Strength

    Spin & Strength

    Get the best of both world's with half an hour of spin, and half an hour of strength!

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  • Learn More RPM & Reps

    RPM & Reps

    This class incorporates a fusion of cardio vascular endurance and constantly-varied, high-intensity functional exercises. Spin for 30 minutes, then transition to a full body, circuit-based session for the remainder. This workout will cover your bases for fitness, all within an hour timeslot.

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  • Learn More STILL


    In this weekly meditation class led by Padma, you will learn the skills needed to cultivate peace and find inner strength.

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  • Learn More Small Group Training

    Small Group Training

    Gather a group of friends, family, and team members with similar training aspirations in mind. Oak Bay Coaches will tailor a program built for your group’s intentions and goals. Services offered include but are not limited to: Overall Conditioning, Boxing, Strength, Cross Training, Injury Rehabilitation/Active Recovery.

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