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The word HATHA literally means “a Yoga system of physical postures (asanas) and breathing control” All modern styles of Yoga are derived from Hatha, therefore we Offer “Real Yoga”


These HATHA classes are beginner to moderate paced. Our teachers skillfully and safely teach how proper form, technique, good posture and breath awareness are key to building a strong Yoga practice and healthier more peaceful lifestyle overall.


These classes expand on level 1 classes and are moderate to vigorous paced. Our teachers skillfully and safely guide individual students through a sequence of Yoga postures offered at varying approaches of intensity.Students are encouraged to build on fundamental postures in a more dynamic breath linked system.The goal of these HATHA/FLOW style classes are thoughtfully aimed to encourage individuals specific abilities by building on stamina, strength, flexibility and a calmer sense of renewed energy and vitality overall.


is a beginner to moderate level class with the main focus on holding postures for a longer period of time in order to access the connective tissues of the body (tendons, ligaments and fascia system) The goal being to increase circulation in the joints, improve flexibility and allow the participant to settle into their pose and connect to their breath.

Yoga + Mat Pilates Fusion:

Fusing together the core strengthening benefits of Pilates, with the stretching and strengthening postures of yoga!
Work your physical body, relax your mind and move with your breath in this 60min specialty class!

Our space is equipped with a high end/four speaker audio system (Rotel amplifier and Bowers and Wilkins speakers) designed by the audiophile team from Sound Hounds to create a wonderful acoustical experience during each class.

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