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Yoga For Better Balance w/Janet Wallden

22-Jun-2019 1:00 PM

The benefits of improving upon balancing poses through Yoga are especially important simply because without this foundation and awareness…we fall!

Balancing postures offer both physical and mental strength and support.

Physically by strengthening and lengthening our muscles, we become more connected to the importance of gravity and how better to align in our Yoga practice and all other physical activities. By improving our deeper and superficial muscular strength in balancing poses, injury prevention and recovery time is greatly improved upon.

When we gain intuition and insight through balancing poses, we then can close our eyes and look inside ourselves to feel sharper mental intelligence and grace in all areas of our life.

***(Bring comfortable Yoga clothing, your own mat (we also provide) All props provided (refers to both workshop)


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INHALE, EXHALE, RUN - Yoga Workshop w/Janet Wallden

14-Jul-2019 1:00 PM

A Yoga Workshop for Runners! 

Led By Janet Wallden

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to get back into your running shoes. Yoga provides the perfect platform to get you ready and set to go...

Yoga postures can complement a runner’s ability by: improving balance, strength, core awareness, flexibility, and mindful breath awareness focus which aides in a more peaceful mind set.This workshop will also cover the key importance of “whole body” physical balance by emphasizing the importance of deeper to superficial muscle strength, to avoid injury and aid in recovery.

Open to all levels of runners (beginner to elite) and Yoga practitioners.

*Come in comfortable exercise or yoga clothes, Yoga mats and props are provided.

90 minutes workshop, $20